About us


“EVEREST” The Car rooftop Tent brings the new kind of experience for travelling in Australia (New South Wales).  Mr. Everest (Mr. Thomas Peterson), the founder of “EVERST” The Car rooftop Tent, who love to spend his life in the  adventure and outdoor activities, had innovated the new life style of convenient journey with hospitality which finally enable us to meet and get to know you.

Mr. Everest informed us a lot of benefits and great experience for “EVEREST” The Car rooftop Tent :

  1. Easy-to-use, anytime and anywhere.
  2. East to be installed to any car with the roof rack.
  3. Safety from nocturnal and endangered animals like lion, tiger, bear, snake, spider, ant, scorpions as well as diseases from insects like  mosquito etc.
  4. Worry free from crowds in weekend or holidays as easy to set up the tent.
  5. Great scenery and fresher air is provided.
  6. Easy setup and collapse.
  7. 100% Cotton material and 100% Waterproof
  8. Tourism and Family activity promotion.
  9. Less cost and Less space comparing to Recreational Vehicles (Home Car).
  10. No worry about uneven or surface slope, rock or muddy area
  11. With high quality foam mattress, no extra futon is needed.
  12. Easy to be cleaned, maintained, long lasting.

EVEREST Ever the best, Rest your life